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Finally, when it comes to hair, the Chinese like it to be long, shiny, dark, and soft.

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Those big-bodied blondes, with their fake tans and fake tits that so many Western men seem attracted to, are regarded as ugly and vulgar within the erotico-aesthetic that determines the Sino-pornographic imagination. And so it's not surprising to find that one of the most popular models in China today is year-old Kina Shen, who prides herself on her hyperreal doll-like appearance, with eyes that are bigger-than-big, skin that is paler-than-pale, a body that is slimmer-than-slim, and hair that is sleeker-than-sleek.

Even though I don't view the world through Chinese eyes, she's certainly extraordinary looking and clearly a very talented make-up artist which, I suppose, makes her fully deserving of her huge following on social media, including k followers on Instagram [click here if interested in becoming one of them]. And even though I'm not a smoking fetishist, I admire the fact that Kina Shen often poses with a cigarette - something that now seems exotic and transgressive here in the West, where people have become so obsessed about their health that they've sacrificed style and forgotten the importance of living dangerously.

I also like her attempts at philosophizing about the gothic nature of her being, as in this astonishing remark posted online: "All this time I thought I was dark, but maybe I was wrong. In the future, if I'm looking for an introductory text on any topic, I'll check to see if there's a Cambridge Companion. The only issue I had with it is with the book, not the text - the pages are large and white and full of little letters.

I recommend this to anybody interested in narratology, and This is a wonderful introduction to narratology. I recommend this to anybody interested in narratology, and anybody looking for a place for formalism and structuralism in the twenty-first century. The Poetics of Science Fiction. Seven Modes of Uncertainty. New Vocabularies in Film Semiotics. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Film Theory. Theories of Play and Postmodern Fiction. New Perspectives on Narrative and Multimodality. All Thoughts Are Equal. The Emotional Life of Postmodern Film. Hyperreal Obscenities - Baudrillard on Cybersex.

Narratives in Social Science Research. Jokes and the Linguistic Mind. New Takes in Film-Philosophy. The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature.

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A Sense of the World. Identity and Form in Contemporary Literature. The Routledge Handbook of Stylistics. Ulysses and the Poetics of Cognition. Identity, Narrative and Politics. Imagination, Philosophy and the Arts. Narratology beyond the Human. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information. The Cambridge Companion to Narrative by David Herman Each chapter presents a survey of scholarly approaches to topics such as character, dialogue, genre or language, shows how those approaches can be brought to bear on a relatively well-known illustrative example, and indicates directions for further research.

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The time is now to take the bull by the horns and curb this menace that is jeopardizing the future of our children and the well-being of our society, and make the world a much better placeCybersex: A Nightmare of the 21st Century - The Rebirth of Armageddon seeks to address the physical, mental, psychological challenges, and social dynamics that teenagers, parents, and society at large are faced with every day, resulting from their daily encounters with the Internet and overindulgence in the world of cybersex. It provides strategic guidelines drawn.

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Pinterest Twitter Facebook. Du kanske gillar. Cybersex: The Dark Side of the Force. Joy of Cybersex Deborah Levine. Cybersexism Penny Laurie Penny. Cybersex Expose IM Byron. Visa fler. The term is primarily applied to an independent art movement and art style in the United States and Europe that has developed since the early s. In sociology and in economics, the term sign value denotes and describes the value accorded to an object because of the prestige social status that it imparts upon the possessor, rather than the material value and utility derived from the function and the primary use of the object.

For example, the buyer of a Rolls-Royce limousine might partly value the automobile as transport, yet might also value it as a sign that signifies his or her wealth to a particular community and to society in general. The French sociologist Jean Baudrillard proposed the theory of sign value as a philosophic and economic counterpart to the dichotomy of exchange-value vs. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Polity is a publisher in the social sciences and humanities.

Polity has developed into one of the leading publishing houses in the social sciences and the arts. It is especially strong in the areas of sociology, politics and social theory.

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It is a systematic critique of Marxism. The fault of Marxism is in prioritizing the very concepts that founded capital, e. External link. In the field of sociology, the terms Disneyfication and Disneyisation describe the commercial transformation of a society to resemble the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, based upon rapid Western-style globalization and consumerist lifestyles.

The Siren Scream of Telesex: Speech, Seduction and Simulation

The term Disneyisation appears in Christian Contradictions and the World Revolution , by Andre Kehoe: "This bogus culture imposed hour after hour on the people by the media is a serious interference with free thinking and therefore free action. It is part of what Peter K. Fallon of New York University, in an admirable phrase, calls the Disneyisation of society. The terms Disneyfication and Disneyisation are derogatory, implying the social and cultural homogenization consequent to consumerism, mer.

Etymology In early use, the word naive meant "natural or innocent", and did not connote ineptitude. The Gift is a short book by the French sociologist Marcel Mauss that is the foundation of social theories of reciprocity and gift exchange. Mauss's original piece was entitled Essai sur le don.

Halls,[2] and in by Jane I. It analyzes the economic practices of various so-called archaic societies and finds that they have a common central practice centered on reciprocal exchange. In them, he finds evidence contrary to the presumptions of modern Western societies about the history and nature of exchange.

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  • He shows that early exchange systems center around the. An influential interpreter of Jean Baudrillard's theories, Lotringer invented the concept "extrapolationist" as a means of describing the hyperbolic world-views espoused by Baudrillard and Paul Virilio.

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    He was married to Chris Kraus. His early life was marked by the Nazi occupation of Paris, which — l. The masses are presented as the ideal form of resistance to the social. They saw the masses as hypnotized into submission by a "society of the spectacle. Historicity in philosophy is the idea or fact that something has a historical origin and developed through history: concepts, practices, values. This is opposed to the belief that the same thing, in particular normative institutions or correlated ideologies, are natural or essential and thus exist universally.

    Historicity relates to the underlying concept of history, or the intersection of teleology the concept and study of progress and purpose , temporality the concept of time , and historiography semiotics and history of history. Varying conceptualizations of historicity emphasize linear progress or the repetition or modulation of past events. Concepts of historicity In phenomenology, historicity is the history of constitution of any intentional object, both in the sense of history as tradition and in the sense where every individual has its own history.