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It is not a state record, but with antlers as thick as an elk's, the buck may be the most unique ever killed in Oklahoma. No doubt this is the most unique deer I have ever scored. Julian, 36, a heating and air technician, shot the buck off a few acres of family land near Jones during the second weekend of the gun season. Julian said he had photos of the buck for the past five years from his trail cameras, but wondered if he would ever get a chance to harvest it because it was so nocturnal. Hunting out of a pop-up blind on top of a camouflaged travel-trailer, Julian shot a buck that had been trailing a doe that morning.

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He wasn't aware when he pulled the trigger on his 6. Julian started deer hunting five years ago.

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This is the first buck he has ever harvested. He has been told many times already that he will never get a better one.

Whitetail lore lives on in Wisconsin's Buffalo County

Ed Godfrey was born in Muskogee and raised in Stigler. They issued a public announcement that afternoon. CWD is fatal to all deer that contract it, though the compromised immune systems of its victims may allow other infections to actually kill them. Or, the holes in their brains may allow predators to catch them easily, since the deer lose their fear or ability to recognize danger. According to necropsy results, the Mississippi buck died of pneumonia, but make no mistake: CWD killed it.

To say otherwise is to argue John Wilkes Booth was an innocent bystander because the bullet killed Abraham Lincoln.

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MDWFP staff have been contacting landowners to acquire assistance and permission to intensively sample more deer with the goal of determining the number and location of any additional positive deer. On February 27 they announced 60 deer had been harvested in the Containment Zone and submitted for testing, along with other deer such as roadkills collected up to that date.

Across the river, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries LDWF is moving quickly to step up sampling in East Carroll, Madison and Tensas parishes and has encouraged hunters and landowners in those parishes to cease supplemental feeding for now. Update : On March 2, I learned that LDWF had imposed an emergency rule banning supplemental feed and minerals in those three parishes, effective March 5, We will learn soon.

The buck that tested positive also contributed a genetic sample, and those genetics are being analyzed by Mississippi State University to determine if the buck was a native deer or perhaps had an origin somewhere else. Update : On March 1, I learned the results were back.

According to William McKinley, the deer was a native whitetail.

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Its genetics matched those of DNA samples taken previously from other wild deer in that region. Meanwhile, hunters in Issaquena and surrounding counties can expect the typical impacts that hit hunters in new CWD areas , such as rules about carcass transportation out of the Management Zone and mandatory check stations or sampling. Joe said he knows he and his club did the right thing by calling Stan and reporting the sick deer as soon as possible, despite the murmurs of a few misinformed locals. But still he said he almost regrets turning it in. Where do we put it? How do we get them tested?

The Deer Paradox - The Atlantic

Local specifics like check stations, carcass transport rules and testing procedures are likely being worked out by MDWFP now and will be provided before hunting season approaches again. Hunter surveys are revealing that many hunters, even in CWD outbreak zones, are poorly informed about the disease and its management.

The two most important things hunters can do are:. They join a growing list of counties, regions and states impacted by CWD. Until a scientific breakthrough gives us some other way to fight back against this threat to deer hunting, our best weapon is to stop this list from growing any longer. Follow Lindsay on Twitter and Instagram. Lindsay Thomas Jr. He has been a member of the QDMA staff since Prior to joining the staff of QDMA, Lindsay was an editor at a Georgia hunting and fishing news magazine for nine years.

Throughout his career as an editor, he has written and published numerous articles on deer management and hunting.

He earned his journalism degree at the University of Georgia. Emaciation, loss of fear, walking with a drooping head, and excessive drooling are some of the clinical signs of a deer in the final stages of CWD infection. The Mississippi buck displayed all of these.

The two most important things hunters can do are: Stop the legal or illegal transportation of live deer or elk into the area.

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If you learn of someone planning to illegally import live deer, alert your state wildlife law enforcement agency immediately.