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She looked after a 85 years old elderly and did all household chores and cooking. She took care of a 5 years old child and a pet dog. Her other household duites include cooking, grocery shopping and general housekeeping. Duties Housework, cooking and look fter baby and do midnight feeding.

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Duties: Housework, cooking and looked after children. She also worked in Hong Kong from Jan to Sept with 2 adults and looked after a new born baby. Reason for living: Due to recent protest, her husband is worried about her safety and thus asked her to go back home. Ninda Nurhayati is a fresh and new helper, This is her first time to work overseas. She is ready to work as a domestic helper and she hope that employer can gve her a job and she promise to do her work well and finish her contract for 2 years. She is afraid of dog and she likes cat.

She wants to earn some income to help her family and to give her child a better living and education.

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She has worked at Surabaya for 2 years since to Her duty is do all the general housework , cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking for the family. Both her employer are working. They have no children. But she is willing to take care of children or elderly care.

She has take care of her own child, when she is baby. She knows how to cook and she likes to learn more cooking. Does all around household chores such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and ironing. Employer stays in a bungalow with 3 rooms. Father works as a driver and mother is working as a domestic helper. She is keen to work abroad to help her family financially and for her future savings. Does all around household chores, cleaning, washing, cooking and ironing.

Also , look after grand mother at the age of 84yrs old. Does all around household chores, washing, ironing, cleaning and cooking Employer stay in HDB with 4 rooms. Husband works as a construction worker. Both father and mother are unemployed. She is keen on working abroad for the sake of her children education and she wants to have a better life in future. She also needs to help her aged parents financially. Maribeth is simple mother, hardworking , kind , very much willing to learn and to follow instruction.

Nur Faizah, 35 years old, married with 1 child. Nur's current employer will be moving back to Jakarta in Oct for good, employer will be able to give reference. Mycel is an independent, patience and kind person as she describes about herself. She has worked in HK and Malaysia for 2 years taking care of children from the age of 2 — 7 years old. She is currently working with a Chinese family for almost 2 years taking care of 2 children ages 4 and 6 years old.

She can also take care of a medium size dog.

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Mycel can cook Chinese and Western food including following of a recipe. She can also bake muffins. During her off day she goes to church and meet up with her friends. Since her contract is ending in December, Mycel is now looking for a new opportunity. She is available only on 1 st and 3 rd Sunday for a face to face interview. She can cook Indonesia foods like sayur lodeh, curry chicken, soto ayam, rendang, fried rice, fried chicken, etc.

She can cook simple Chinese food like fried chap Chay, steam fish learned from training center, etc. She is able cook Indonesia foods like sayur lodeh, curry chicken, soto ayam, rendang, fried rice, fried chicken, et, and cook simple Chinese dishes such as Chap Chay, Steamed Fish etc that she learned from training center. She is willing to learn and adaptable with her new employer and is also willing to take care of elderly.

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She cooks every dinner and goes marketing. She's eager to learn all variety of food and can follow all recipe.

She is a pleasant, joyous, honest, patient and hardworking person. She has the experience to take care of children. She avails anytime transfer. Interview by appointment only.

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Yuliani is an independent learner and matured helper without requiring any help from others, because she has experience in looking after her own child and taking care of elderly too. She is also good at communicating with elderly well. She is interested to look after newborn baby and toddlers as well. Experienced in taking care of children in Singapore. Able to cook Chinese food and willing to learn new recipes in Singapore. Analiza is a 39yo Filipino domestic helper. She is single and is the 2nd of 3 children in her family. Her father is deceased and her mother is a housewife.


Analiza is currently working as a domestic helper in Philippine but the salary is low. Therefore, she is looking forward to working in Singapore to earn more money to support her family. Oct to Oct 2 years : Analiza was working in Singapore for a chinese family of 3 with 1 children aged 6yo boy. The family stayed in an apartment with 3 bedrooms at Marine Terrace.

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Analiza was the only housemaid. She was solely responsible for caring for the children as her mam is working as a teacher. Analiza will bring the children to the school Tao Nan primary school by walking.

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In addition, she also managed all the household chores like washing, cleaning, laundry, ironing and cooking. Analiza shared that she did not renew her contract due to her father passing and she wanted to accompany her mother who was alone in Philippine. During our face to face interview in Manila, Analiza shared that she is able to cook chinese food and she enjoys cooking and reading.

She is now ready to work abroad to earn more money for her family's future. Analiza describes herself as a hardworking, trust worthy and nice person. Analiza will like to request for 1 Off a month to recharge. Please call Helpers Inc.

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Able to cook Chinese food very well and willing to learn new recipes in Singapore. Jacqueline is a 37yo Filipino domestic helper.