The Art of Classical Horsemanship: The legacy of one of the last great horsemen (Horses)

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Why it took decades for the allegations to surface is something that the victims struggle to understand. Many themselves said nothing. He was a magician with horses; we were so in awe of him.

430-354 B.C.

Some dispute the allegations against Mr. Susan M. Hutchison, a professional grand prix rider, began riding at Flintridge Riding Club when she was 5. When she was 18, she began living with Mr. Williams, who was then The long-term partnership continued to his death, according to his obituary in The New York Times. Hutchison has vehemently denied any abuse, and denounced the accusations in published reports. She declined a request to comment for this article.

Dressage Legend Karl Mikolka Aug 21, 1935 - May 12, 12222

Of the 22 club presidents over the course of Mr. Priscilla M. I would have been the last person anyone would have come to about that. Alan F. Balch, a president of the club during the s and s, who at the time of Mr.

Dressage Legend Karl Mikolka Aug 21, - May 12, |

In an extensive statement to The Chronicle , Mr. Balch said he heard of only a single incident: A former member called him on behalf of her daughter and another girl, whom he declined to name. He detailed confronting Mr. Williams, who denied the accusations and indicated that competitive equestrian rivalries spurred the claims. Balch said, according to The Chronicle. The president of the Flintridge Riding Club, Suzanne Osimo, did not respond to messages or emails requesting comment.

Several people contacted for this article said that while they had seen Mr. Williams kissing and groping students, they attributed his behavior to social mores of a different era, rather than any nefarious intent. Many expressed anger that Mr. Williams was not alive to defend himself against the allegations and that the legacy of an important and talented horseman had been tarnished. While he said he witnessed Mr. Williams kissing and touching women and girls, Mr. Hansen said he did not believe it was without consent.

‘He Was a Great Horseman’

Hansen said. I just think those things are stupid to bring up whether they are true or not. Even for the few children who spoke up about the misconduct as it happened, Mr. Williams scouted year-old Melissa Cardenas, now Mihalevich, a high-jump prodigy, pitching to her mother that Melissa should train with him. After the adults struck a deal, Mr.

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Williams followed her to where she was grooming her horse, High Barbaree , Ms. Mihalevich said, threw his arm over her in an avuncular way and then shoved his tongue down her throat. She ran and told her mother. Mihalevich said.

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Williams went forward, and lasted three years, she said. So too did the abuse.


For Ms. Kursinski, who for decades after the abuse ended continued to champion his horsemanship in interviews, her silence stemmed in part from a sense of gratitude for his role in helping her toward equestrian superstardom, she said, a duality she has tackled through therapy and spiritual work. To survive. They quickly learned to avoid the barns, they said. Williams lived on the club property in a bungalow beside a riding ring, behind a high hedge that circles the house like a moat.

When Ms. Gaston was 17, he summoned her inside, pulled her head down and pressed her mouth to his exposed penis, she said. She screamed and her braces scraped his genitals, she said; when he recoiled, she escaped. Gaston told several adults, who confronted Mr. Williams that night, but she was unsure if the club was ever notified.

Gaston, now a filmmaker, said. In the early s, Francie Steinwedell-Carvin, a grand prix rider and former student of Mr. Kursinski confided in each other for the first time. They had ridden together as teenagers, and, along with a few others, unearthed old rosters of riders from Flintridge and began calling down the list, asking whoever picked up what she had experienced. Through them we meet unforgettable teachers, and maybe find clues as to how to teach or learn about the art of riding.

You will be enthralled by its life and the characters therein. If you read Riding Towards the Light over and over, or in one sitting, this will be one of your absolute favorites! First, over a decade ago, came the chronicle of his apprenticeship in classical dressage Riding Towards the Light. The journeyman phase in any craft is intense because every technicality is questioned.

The ideas of many teachers are sought and tested until a body of knowledge is mastered, meaning owned both in theory and practice.

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Tom Roberts – a selection from his Horse Control series

That is not to say Belasik considers himself a master in the esteem that he holds so many historical figures. It is more that he feels a responsibility to horsemen past and present to pass on the legacy of his endeavors. Very, very rarely do I read a book twice—this one will be read again and again.

Bryan Neubert ~ The Art Of The Horseman ~ 2019