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It's just south of Yes I do, actually,' said the Doctor. Pg 56 introduces the allegedly hilarious Sons of Nostradamus: Hardcore SF fans turned terrorist the Black Anoraks , who discuss things on alt. Methinks Topping is having something of a dig at a particular group of people.

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What with The Awakening and K9 and Company, perhaps we should just section the lot of them. Including people like me, it would seem. Pg 59 "The neon and plasticity fascinated him. It was, he thought, just like Trion. Before the revolution. That never happened to me when I was in America. To be fair, neither was I kidnapped and tortured by aliens.

Pg 63 "He knew he'd been drugged. He'd seen similar results during the early days of the revolution when the insurgents had been taken to the Presidium.

DC Comics - Damned #3 - Getting High Off Helium!?!

Pg 68 On Turlough: "'He has been known to get himself captured on the odd occasion,' he noted with a wry grin. There's something utterly uncaring about how the Doctor finds this funny. Turlough, probed and prodded, would probably not see the humorous side. The Brigadier's inability to remember may also be reflected in his seeming inability to recall his own age. Pg 69 "He was vaguely aware of Sir Thomas Wonga, the UN's senior expert in the field, talking about the rumours that a Waro propulsion device had been found [ Pg 70 "'You're to be my assistant, apparently.

It might be a pass for Sam Jones from an unrecorded adventure, or more likely just a pass with a generic name. Pg 72 "Hands became pincers, heads became huge, domed insect-like skulls with antennae and small red eyes that seemed to feed on the room's new light. Within seconds, the entire conglomerate had been transformed. Into something inhuman. The structure of the Chapter - Doctorless, with a discovery of something hidden at the end of it - is similar to the episode.

Pg 76 "That "Death of Yesterday" malarkey?

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It didn't make much sense then either. Pg 77 Mention of Benton, who, dialogue implies, appears to have been a homophobe. Maybe this explains Mike Yates being all girl-go-getting in The Devil Goblins from Neptune and yet outed as gay in Happy Endings - he knew how Benton would react and was acting all macho to compensate accordingly.

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To be fair to Benton, Paynter and Barrington are not the world's most reliable narrators. Pg 78 "Zygons, I think. There were a few hundred of them left over from the invasion. We went in with an artillery battalion but they'd gone to ground. We spent days tracking them. Picking off a few at a time. The term "bug-hunt" was used in Dragonfire. I was with Harry Sullivan's broadsword team at Porton Down when all that was happening. The Broadsword units were established by the Buddhist Brigadier in No Future , so it's a shame that so little of the other continuity matches between the two books.

Pg 79 "'I was thinking about James Rankin. Pg 80 "Exactly. They're like sheep now.

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Open to autosuggestion. It's exactly the same technique the Time Meddler used in the seventies with that pop concert malarkey. See Continuity Cock-Ups.

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Pg 81 "Last I heard he sits around the house most of the day watching the State Secrets video on the Cyber invasion. Bit of an embarrassment really. The Invasion. Pg 86 "'You've been in this city before? Or four,' replied the Doctor. Pg 87 "Tegan provides me with a link to the realities of the universe.

„Der Ton macht die Musik. – Die Kommunikation im Orchester (German Edition)

And the heart. A brave heart. I greatly admired that! Pgs "The Doctor, rightly, ignored the question and swung round, keeping his arm ramrod straight like a Dalek's eyepiece. Pg 88 "Temporal mechanics, quantum physics, fourth-dimensional tachyon studies. I scraped through. I was a grave disappointment to my parents.

The Doctor's father was mentioned in The Telemovie, and the discussion and debate that has sprung out of that statement are too detailed to go into here. I told them that there is great evil out there, inconceivable evil. And that it must be fought.

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  • „Der Ton macht die Musik. – Die Kommunikation im Orchester (German Edition).
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Let's assume he was so proud of the phrase that he used it repeatedly. God knows, fandom has done. Pg 90 "'What about International Electromatics? It's possible that there's some post-modern thing going on here, with the villains in the first and presumably last UNIT stories of the twentieth century being very similar, thus indicating that humans have not really learned anything at all.

Of course, I may be reading far more into this than it deserves.

Pg 91 Private Natalie Woolridge: "It's an honour to meet you. I believe you knew my uncle, Martin Beresford. Natalie apparently got the job through her uncle, which also invites comparison with Jo Grant's method of job-hunting: to whit, nepotism. Pg 93 The Doctor claims to have met Chung Sen during the s, but this is unrecorded.

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I may have been able to tell you more, but have no desire to read this page ever again. Pg "Above him, whirring at several thousands of revolutions a second, was a bright, diamond-sharp drill bit. And it was being lowered towards his face. There are a number of other references to the X-Files throughout, but this is the most blatant. Pg "[ Pg "Would you prefer that we left the exploration of space to the Chinese?

The Doctor's 'predecessor' may well be his Third incarnation. Pg "Still, I dare say you may get to Mars one day. We've been as far as Neptune, don't you know?