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As I would find out later hiking up was quite a bit better than going down. Even so doing feet back up was very unpleasant. I could tell it was starting to swell and pain was shooting up my leg every time I put my foot down. The hike down to the saddle had taken us less than 15 minutes.

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The hike back up took over Finally we topped out on Colorado Mines Peak again and I could see the car a long ways below. More cursing.


There are what I assume to be old power poles in the middle of the slope so I started counting them as I passed. One pole, two poles, three poles, take a short break, curse my fate. We made slow but somewhat steady progress. I tried not to stop much since I didn't want to lose focus and let the leg stiffen up more. Finally we reached the snowcat road again.

Now I had a decision to make, I could try and go straight down to the car and possibly posthole under the circumstances a rather painful prospect that would involve a lot more cursing or take the longer but packed road. I decided on the road for a while but eventually my desire to get down won out and we took a path straight towards the car.

I could see people walking around in the parking lot and knew the ordeal was almost over. The last tenth of a mile seemed like it took forever but finally we reached the parking lot. At a normal pace what should have taken me 30 minutes had taken well over an hour. I put Maya in the car and went into the bathroom to finally take a look at my leg.

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I had some blood but mostly it was very swollen. I could barely get my long underwear over my calf to even look at it.

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I got in the car and started driving down. On the way back I stopped at the gas station in Downieville for ibuprofen where I must have looked like quite a sight hobbling around. I talked to my wife on the phone and decided to drop Maya off at home and then go to the emergency room to get things checked out. We both figured it wouldn't be surprising if I had fractured something in the fall. I have a bruise from above my knee to a few inches above my ankle. Only time will tell if I did any more serious damage than that. I'm going to wait a few more days before any further visits to the doctor.

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As of today here's what my leg looks like. I don't think the picture actually does justice to how much of my leg is purple and black. Everyone at work thinks watching me slowly limp around is amusing. This time I was able to walk out but I just as easily could have broken my leg in the fall.

The leg will heal but I think the reminder to always be prepared and not get complacent wasn't such a bad thing. A sobering reminder of how quickly things can change from a very nice day to something else entirely in a few seconds. It turns out the MRI showed a significant bone bruise of my upper tibia.

Essentially I did break my leg but without a corresponding fracture. It took 7 weeks to get back to hiking. It's almost 4 months later as I write this and I still have occasional discomfort in that leg but I can run and hike again. I'm still amazed at the whole thing and glad it wasn't worse. Thumbnails for uploaded photos click to open slideshow :.

Comments or Questions mtgirl Dang That's a nice shade of purple! I feel your pain! Just goes to show that if your mind wanders just a little, serious stuff can happen to you! Hope your recovery is quick and smooth, and nothing else turns up that may require surgery! My face is still a little sore, but otherwise healed very nicely!

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It always seems to happen on the way back down don't it! Last summer, the university filed for a demolition permit for the onetime Croatian Fraternal Union building at Forbes Ave. Sean Luther , executive director of the Pittsburgh Innovation District, a nonprofit established to help promote Oakland as a hub for new technology companies, expressed the tension the city is facing right now over its older buildings and the need for new space at the recent Oakland Corridors of Opportunity event by the Pittsburgh Business Times.

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In the constantly changing urban environment of a city, in which some old buildings are torn down and others are renovated and built upon, Pittsburgh faces a changing dynamic in its never-ending preservation-versus-new-development battle. Once a city fighting economic decline that often resulted in historic buildings facing the effects of long-term neglect, the region and city now are shifting more and more to point where new economic growth and urban demand are bringing both threats and opportunities in a fight for prime locations.

In fact, Ziegler sees the business case for preservation as ascendant. To be sure, there has been plenty of examples of successful historic renovation projects in Pittsburgh in recent years.

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Christine Brill , a Lawrenceville resident and architect, is a leader of the nonprofit community group Lawrenceille Stakeholders. She sees reason for worry over the accelerating investment demand in her neighborhood disrupting its historic character and threatening its largely 19th century buildings.

With many of his neighborhoods also experiencing healthy increases in demand, Fatla points out a different dynamic in city neighborhoods versus downtown. Dexter noted how decisions involving historic buildings are rarely easy but sometimes those difficult choices need to be made. Please Sign In and use this article's on page print button to print this article.

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