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Top lists -yuck. Going through various top lists, I noticed some really good reads, some that was once useful and others that are simply slow and dull and not meant as literature for a modern human being. A Clockwork Orange? A must read? Try American Psycho instead for at least a semi-modern work on ultra-violence.

Lolita — WOW, an older man and a 12 year old! Love is all you need. End of story. Lord of the flies — Oh, so young boys can grow feral and become super bullies when left to their own devices?! Have you seen the TV show Survivor? The Lord of the rings a top classic? That must be because it was one of the first with orchs in it.

The book is fine for a young teenager and the movies are great craftsmanship, but you can read exactly anything that entertains you and get exactly the same value from it. Full stop.


Neuromancer — I would include it on my top To me it was an amazing experience to read, not to mention the epic hair raising ending. Do read it. There might even be some lessons in there about humanity and racism if you look closely, but why is it here on a top classic list by TIME?

  • The Spindle and Other Lesbian Fairy Tales.
  • Misthaven of Maine!
  • The Cartel Wars (A Mike McBride Novel Book 4)!
  • Recommendations.

Read it if you like stuff like that. On second thought, watching Matrix is a must. Go for Reamde by the same author, if you want to learn something, as well as get a good story about virtual worlds. The spy who came in from the cold , The sun also rises , To kill a mockingbird , Tropic of cancer! Stop brainwashing kids into thinking these are classics they have to read to learn about the world. Or even visit xkcd. Sure, The trial by Kafka is interesting but read Hayek instead if you want real information about communism and bureaucracy. The guardian top Robinson Crusoe: It was a great novel when it came out , but we all know the story and its lessons.

The count of Monte Cristo : Oh, God please help me! Modern Library advocates much the same books as the other papers, including Ulysses, but also Invisible man which is just unexplicable. My essential books. How an economy gr ows and why it crashes by Peter Schiff. You can finish the entire book in a few hours, LOL:ing every now and then. Just as Baz Luhrmann adviced everyone to at least wear sunscreen , you should read How an economy… and then tell everybody else.

Despite the humor and simplicity, Schiff goes from modelling a 3-person fishing economy to a complex, fully globalized world with inflation, trade and central banks, while still hammering the points of a productivity and b sound money. Reading is so important to me, that the number one reason for retiring at 42 was being able to read what I want, when I want. As a hedge fund manager and CEO I did a lot of studying, reading and writing but almost none of it anything I liked.

Until a few years ago I read exclusively non-fiction, mostly economics and technology but also astrophysics, futurology, psychology, history, politics and human relations. During a vacation a few years ago, I ran out of things to read and just took whatever my girlfriend finished. I used to think made up stories were a waste of time, but reading about the elaborate revenge stirred something in me and suddenly I started reading fiction again.

I also all but gave up buying physical books and bought a Kindle Paperwhite instead, to make sure I never ran out of books on vacation again. Physics Week 9, Lecture Motion occurs in the horizontal plane. Physics Week 9, Lecture 1. Newton s second law tells us that the sum of all forces acting on the particle are equal to the mass times the acceleration. We can therefore multiply the acceleration that we have found by the mass to get the total force acting on the particle.

Since motion occurs in the horizontal plane, we neglect gravity. We then equate the reaction and friction force to the total force that we found using Newton s second law. Once we have the relation between unit vectors, we can solve for the normal reaction force in terms of known quantities.

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  6. Widnall, J. Peraire We will present polar coordinates. Homework 4 problems: 5. Problem 5.

    Hanging two identical masses Context in the textbook: Section 5. Vertical motion without friction 2. Elevator: Decelerating. Three boxes are connected by massless strings and are resting on a frictionless table. Each box has a mass of 15 kg, and the tension T 1 in the right string is accelerating the boxes to the right at a. Chapter 4 Forces and Newton s Laws of Motion continued 4. The component of this force acting. Which one of the following statements concerning kinetic energy is true?

    A Kinetic energy can be measured in watts. B Kinetic energy is always equal to the potential energy. C Kinetic energy is always. A car enters a horizontal, curved roadbed of radius 50 m. The coefficient of static friction between the tires and the roadbed is 0. What is the maximum speed with which the car can safely negotiate.

    PHY11 8 Midterm I 3.

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    When the frictionless system shown above is accelerated by an applied force of magnitude F, the tension. Chapter 3.

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    Prepare: We are asked to find period, speed and acceleration. Period and frequency are inverses according to Equation 3. To find speed we need to know the distance traveled. Widnall 6. Mirro Equilibrium,. Chapter 1 Units, Physical Quantities and Vectors 1.

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    Math is the language we use to discuss science physics, chemistry, biology, geology, engineering, etc. Not all of the. Explain Newton s second law of motion.